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Top 10 reasons to get your kids into Martial Arts

By September 29, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments

You love your kids and you want to invest in their self development! We all want the best for our kids, and martial arts is a great journey of self discovery. It involves many challenging scenarios that help your children develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Here is a list of reasons why martial arts is great for kids.

1. Martial arts is great for developing healthy and strong bodies in systemised and organised play.

2. Martial arts teaches your children respect. It provides a unique coach-student relationship of goal setting and guidance through physical, mental and emotional goals. This type of two way relationship is where real respect is developed.

3. Martial arts teaches resilience. Martial arts can be confronting and it will challenge your children to face challenging situations with a problem solving mindset.

4. Martial arts teaches goal setting. It is a clear and systemised approach to learning skills with an end goal insight. It is always satisfying to watch your child’s faces light up as they reach the next belt level.

5. Martial arts teaches risk management. Kids need to fall down every now and then and learn to brush themselves off, get up and continue to be involved. Being hurt teaches your children how to manage risks to themselves and their training partners.

6. Martial arts opens up a conversation about bullying. One of the greatest things we can do is to engage our kids in conversations about difficult relationships. It doesn’t just stop at school. If we can empower our children early they will be well ahead of the curve when dealing with difficult people.

7. Martial arts teaches you to move your body. The body mechanics and science behind martial arts can help develop your children’s body awareness and ability to learn other sports.

8. Martial arts teaches sportsmanship. There is a great culture of honour within martial arts. We all want our kids be good sports all of the time so paying respects to your training partners and opponents after fighting with them creates a good awareness of sportsmanship.

9. Martial arts teaches healthy routine. You always feel better after training. It makes sense to have our kids busy all year round with sports. We all need to move our bodies to stay healthy and happy. If we teach them that it is a priority now, you set them up for success later in life.

10. Martial arts provides CONFIDENCE. Ever wanted to feel like a super hero. Martial arts does this like no other sport. It teaches you laser focus, balance and control. Your kids will leave feeling more confident after every grading and every year they train.

I hope this inspires someone to get their kids involved in martial arts!

Coach Bone

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