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STUCK IN A RUT? Weight loss, Martial arts, Strength training

By September 25, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments
We have all been stuck in a rut of sorts. It may be in regards to training, weight loss, martial arts, career or relationships. And the truth is always these ruts are a result of our choices and if we want to claw our way out of them we need to use our power of choice to get us started. We have the power to rewire our brains for guaranteed success if we start mindfully choosing new goal positive habits and behaviours.

So you are here, so lets start now!Townsville Gym Courage Training Centre 02

Choose something now nothing to big just one thing that you can do today that will get you moving in the right direction. Momentum is a powerful thing and it starts from the very first choice you make.
When removing poor choices or behaviours replace them with a new one it is always easier to replace habits and behaviours than to just remove them.
When making changes make them habitual a good way to do this is by rolling them in with already existing habits. Like having a glass of water every morning before you brush your teeth to hydrate in the morning.
Find a coach or mentor and make yourself accountable. Your coach should be the hard but fair type. There is no point having a coach who enables you but they should be approachable. When choosing a coach or mentor make sure its the right one by going through this check list, have they traveled the road before you? Are they leading by example? Are they there for you when you need them?
Having a coach or mentor provides you with accountability and access to resources but in the end the positive choices must still come from your end. Use them as a provider of framework to your own success.
Prepare yourself for failure if you haven’t read my last blog you really should. Failure is not the enemy it is a essential part of success. Dont use mistakes or slip ups as an excuse to quit or move backwards.
Be patient. Allow yourself time by only making small changes daily, weekly and monthly all these small changes add up and if you continue to adjust you will guarantee your own success!
The last one I will leave you with is HELP OTHERS… it forward, when you do this the world becomes a better place and you will in turn be rewarded as you make positive changes for yourself it will become easier to help others. Start with you then as soon as possible cement that behaviour by helping others.
Kind Regards
Coach Ian Bone
If you would like help getting out of a rut contact us at [email protected] for a free mentoring session.