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By October 5, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments



Well it has been a busy month at Courage Training Centre!

We have had guest instructors, begun a new cycle of training, had students compete in a local competition, our kids graded, we launched a social club and started a monthly parents meeting.


I hope everyone has been enjoying the tabata rounds and the 5×5’s the coaches have been handing out.


Well done to Angela and Mark for finishing their scholarships and both losing well over the 6kg goal for the 6 weeks! Amazing effort by both of you.


Plenty of the kids placed in our local competition and we are all super proud of their efforts.


We have another guest Multiple Black Belt Geordie Lavers-McBain coming up in November to help us develop our martial arts programs. I have been busy networking around the country to make sure we are always trying to build you a better centre.


We may also have some new coaches coming over the next twelve months. But do not fear – I will still be on the mat teaching and taking part in the fitness and martial art classes. You will just have more people to gain information and courage from!


Your coaches are always available for free mentoring. If you are letting everything get overwhelming and need help to back into a healthy routine make an appointment and let’s work together to gain momentum back.

If you want to renew your membership or have a friend to refer just mention this newsletter and sign up for a FREE 30DAY TRIAL.



If you would like to keep your rewards program, I need people to start cashing in!

Remember you get 1000 points for referrals! You must log into and follow the process. I have also increased your points for training, so check in and make sure you collect those points and start spending!


The MEMBERS AREA is just that! For all MEMBERS. That means outside crèche times members should be able to sit in there and eat and study in peace, like they can in their own homes. Children must be supervised and the room must be cleaned after use.

Same rules apply to that room that would apply in your own home. No running, wrestling or screaming. The rocket Vacuum is left available so if you are one of the last people to use the room at night, or have had your kids in the room, please take 2 min and give the floor a quick run over and the room a quick tidy.