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Long Term Fitness Success and bootcamps 2

By October 31, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments

Since my last blog I have been pained over thinking about how people caught in a bootcamp culture keep bouncing in and out of training like its an abusive relationship. They love it and hate it all at the same time while constantly taking time off and swapping one bootcamp for another desperately looking for the one where they fit.

I think maybe its like trying to learn to swim without ever getting in the deep end. It screams of under commitment. Now don’t misunderstand me I think bootcamps are great when used in the correct manner and they have done great things for millions of people. I myself have run 100’s of bootcamps.

Lets just start to think beyond bootcamps. If you want lasting success and full control over your health and fitness try committing to having yourself coached not for 6 weeks, not for 12 weeks but for 12 months. Find yourself a fitness mentor or coach. Then go ahead and set some goals and plan out a full 12 months. 100% commitment. Tell yourself when you start that giving up is not an option. Adopt a growth mindset.

I absolutely guarantee that this will change your life dramatically for the better.

Coach Bone

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