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Longterm fitness success.

By October 28, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments

Everyone wants long term fitness success. To have control over your own body! To know how to get strong and how to get lean! To know how to self motivate! To be healthy for the longterm!

I see that success in people when they reach the tipping point. When they finally decide to call BULLSHIT on themselves. By that I mean they start thinking critically. “I don’t have time” becomes “I make time”. Most people will say they don’t have time before they have even tried. I don’t have time to me means I was so busy thinking about other things I couldn’t control I never came up with a solution. Now as a coach I see this all the time. I have even in the past eaten food in front of people to show them how silly it is they think they can’t spare a moment to nourish their body properly.

But in all honesty you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. People will try different gyms, trainers, meal plans etc forever blaming other people or circumstances for lack of results. But the time comes when they just call BULLSHIT on themselves. They make it a priority and they quiet their mind of problems and feed it with solutions instead. Here are 5 quick TIPS on things you can do to start calling BULLSHIT on yourself and thinking critically to overcome obstacles in your daily routine!

  1. Write down your routine and stick to it. A routine is a guideline that you make happen regardless of obstacles! Don’t let anything get in the road of your routine. Hit daily goals and your weekly goals will follow!
  2. Accept coaching! Make yourself accountable to someone. Having someone else help you think critically and support you on your way will help you destroy previous thought traps (excuses)
  3. Keep a diary. At the end of the day try writing down something you did well and something that you can do better on a daily basis. This will help you start to find out what works and immediately have you thinking about solutions for things that don’t work.
  4. COMMIT. With all the bootcamps happening people are thinking too short term 6-12 weeks is not a lifestyle, it is a training cycle. And you have the option to just stop at the end. Commit to at least 12 months of training whether you are on holidays or not you find time in your week to train at least 5 hours a week!
  5. Use momentum. Start small and build up. Once you start don’t stop. You get an injury you train around it. You get sick, your back in ASAP. You always do whatever you are capable of at the time.


Now is the time!

Coach Bone

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