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Emotional eating for weight loss….And my take on it. (Ian Bone Courage Training Centre)

By November 25, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments

Whether you are dieting to lose weight, get strong, be healthy, improve fitness or get ready for a Mixed Martial Arts Fight emotional eating can be a problem. Do you get stressed then turn to food to take your mind off things???

Well this is for all you emotional eaters. The people that think food can make you happy. Which we all know deep down it can’t right?? I hope so anyway.

So why is it we think food can make us happy? It has to be directly linked back to our childhood before food had time to dramatically effect your bodies. When life was simple and we were forming our own perceptions on the world and our relationships with people and things. Perhaps when a kind person gave you treat. You were at a party or special occasion and wonderful food was plenty. You were enjoying company with friends. Life was simple back then and food could bring instant joy.
But honestly true happiness from those occasions was because someone was kind to you. There was a moment to celebrate and company to enjoy.
If you really want to turn emotional eating on its head you need to redesign the way you think about food. Instead of attaching emotion to a food we need to understand control of lasting good emotions is from repeated good choices. So how do we do that? There is three things I would like you to try!

1. Start mindfully eating. Our true relationship with food is what does this food do to us. It is Science. Learn what each food does. And what each food has done to you!

2. Start making positive choices everywhere in your life. If your emotionally eating to try and be happy sit down find some direction and start making positive choices. Try with just one a week. If your struggling get help in the form of a coach, mentor or counsellor. But be the captain of your ship! Your in control!

3. Keep training and exercising. Don t give up on your goals or stop your body moving because you haven’t been able to master your nutrition yet. Healthy habits and nutritional changes take time. Stay focused on the end goal and just make small changes.

I really hope this helps someone.