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10 Reasons why courage isn’t your “average” Martial arts and Fitness Gym.

By October 7, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments
  1. We are a training centre not a gym……whats the difference right? You don’t just pay for access to our range of classes BJJ, Kickboxing, Boxing, Cross Training and Cardio. You pay for coaching we coach/train you to be successful. With real programming and support at demand. Anytime you need one on one time to talk with your coach all you have to do is book in… extra cost.
  2. We have regular training with experts in each field our coaches have coaches and we invest in bringing you guest instructors every 2-3 months, like clockwork.
  3. We have consistent programming and assessments for all our Martial Arts and Fitness classes.
  4. We empower people to be stronger than they were before they came. No one is treated differently if they consider themselves uncoordinated or unfit to us they are just untrained and we are here to help you on your journey.
  5. We know the difference between different combat sports and embrace the differences. We have tried just about everything, to us martial arts is something deeper than any individual sport we love the variety and are open to new ideas. How can you truly know something unless you have tried it……….So no matter what background you have if you are ready for us, we are ready for you.
  6. We encourage our fitness and martial arts clients to try other clubs and different forms of training. Knowledge is power and we want you to be powerful. I love sharing ideas with other fitness club and martial art club owners so why would I not encourage you to do the same…….
  7. Your coaches are there for you and your goals not theirs. Your coach needs to be approachable so you can go to them with your failures and know that they are there to lift you up not put you down. At courage training centre this is our goal. We will fight with you for your goals until you achieve what it is you are after. Our coaches are their to support you with knowledge and motivation in the end you are the master of your destiny and we are just there to catch you if you fall.
  8. We are a team. Everyone in the centre knows what their responsibilities are as members. Its even on the wall! Everyone is there to support your journey, regardless of your fitness or skill level your efforts will be celebrated by everyone.’
  9. Your coaches practice what they preach. Our coaches have been in the trenches, they have fought, eaten healthy and trained to be role models for you and are still learning to help provide you with the best strength and conditioning, fitness, bjj, kickboxing and boxing that they can.
  10. WE UNDERSTAND THAT IT TAKES COURAGE JUST TO WALK THROUGH THE DOOR. Everything starts and ends with courage, you need it to get started, to push past failures and see your goals and visions through to the end.


Thanks to everyone so far that has joined #teamcourage and I look forward to all the new people that are ready to join us for their own courage journey.


Coach Bone



We are striving to provide our team members with something unique….if you are interested in finding out about courage training centre send us an email at [email protected] or pop down for a class.


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