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Courage Training Centres FAQ’s for MMA and martial arts

By September 18, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments

If you are about to join an MMA gym, here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions!

Do I need to be fit to start MMA classes?

This is easy. NO. One of the great things about martial arts is you get fit by doing it. Get amongst the fun stuff then you can use fitness and strength and conditioning to support your martial arts training.

Do I have to fight?

No you don’t have to fight. But hopefully if you choose the right gym, your coaches or training partners might, so you can train safely knowing that the martial arts and self defence training you get is tested regularly.

Do I need previous martial arts experience?

Everyone needs to start somewhere and martial arts classes are generally full of people who can’t wait to share their experiences with you. The right gym will have a culture of everyone helping each other get better. You will more likely than not be welcome with open arms and plenty of people ready to help.

What if I am “uncoordinated”?

No one is “un coordinated”, only untrained. Martial arts teaches you to move your body intelligently and balanced. Learning martial arts is not only great for self defence but it is great for body awareness and will make it easier for you to learn other physical skills.

What if I am old?

You are never too old to play. Learning new skills keeps us young and martial arts has been shown to keep the brain and the body active. So the more you train the better you will feel right into old age.

What if I have injuries?

If anyone knows how to train intelligently around injuries, it is someone with combat sport experience. To stay in combat sports you need to train smart around your injuries not through them. You can choose your level of commitment with your body in every class. Chances are someone in the room is training their way through rehab just like you.

Do I need equipment?

Eventually you will need equipment but there isn’t much to buy and it generally lasts 2-4 years, depending on how often you train. Most clubs will allow you to train without a uniform or gear for the first few weeks.

Are MMA, Boxing, kickboxing and BJJ good for self defence?

Absolutely! If you’re training somewhere that doesn’t have people involved in combat sports or talks poorly of MMA, you have to seriously ask the question to yourself –  why someone would train martial arts and not be interested in the skill sets involved in MMA? It is the pinnacle of tests for the life long martial artist to find out if his training works against another well trained combatant.

Is it dangerous – will I get hurt?

Touch football and netball actually have much higher injury rates.
Martial arts is actually great for injury prevention – it will teach you how to protect your body and fall correctly. Even when training for multiple fights per year, I have managed to stay relatively injury free. I’ m less likely to hurt myself in a room full of fighters than a room full of beginners. They have the control and self discipline to look after each other.

I hope that this helps some people get into martial arts. I know we teach our kids and adults that the most important person in the room is their training partner at the time…..
If you live in townsville and want to try martial arts at Courage Training Centre just send me a PM and I will give you a trial of all our classes.